2014 Winfield Garage Show Part 2

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2014 Winfield Garage Show Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2

One of the many great folks that I’ve met along all of these adventures is my buddy Doug. Doug sells shirts at many shows across the midwest, we run into each other quite a bit. He has a show in Winfield, KS called the Winfield Garage Show. For the 2nd year I took my Galaxie to the show, it’s a small show but lots of good people. Hopefully the show can grow a bit in the next few years, Doug does a great job of putting on a show.

On day 48 of a 48 Day road trip, Floyd & Becki Dutton’s 1958 Edsel Roundup Wagon. I shot this mild custom for a magazine article, keep your eyes open to see it in print!

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Jonnie King : Gene Winfield on Sectioning a Car

“Hi to all !   Hope you’re in the mood for the Holiday Season, and thanks for joining us here at my friend Travis’ Site !

What you’ll hear right now is one of the most informative pieces on Sectioning that you’ll ever find !

THE LEGENDARY GENE WINFIELD , has chopped many tops through the years, but the first car he ever sectioned was a ’56 Merc !

That iconic custom was christened the “Jade Idol”, and I wanted Gene to give me the lowdown on sectioning that car…and the full-story of what has to be done during that

This is a cool Interview, and you won’t want to miss Gene’s stories…not only about the Jade Idol, but about his own chopped & sectioned ’58 Impala !  To listen, Just-Click-On-Here !

Thanks again for joining us here…and be sure to check-out some of the GREAT Merch available: for you…or one of your friends !



Jonnie King And Gene Winfield Discuss Pacifica

While not an artist per se, Jonnie King is the focus of today’s post. If you’ve never been to his site, “Legends Of The Rod & Custom Hall of Fame” then you’re missing out! Jonnie interviews many of the koolest kustom folks and posts the interviews on the site. A few years ago we crossed paths and I’m not sure how we even met but I’m glad that we did! If you don’t know who Jonnie is, here is his site.

One of the newest updates on the site is an interview with Gene Winfield talking about his 2013 777 Award winning clone of his famous Pacifica Econoline Ford Pickup. The original build was done in 1962, and the clone is visually just about the same as the original, but underneath the truck is much more modern. Click here to open that page, the audio will begin automatically.

 Gene Winfield driving Pacifica
Gene Winfield driving Pacifica

I’m hoping to talk Jonnie into doing a blog post here for you whenever he has new audio articles up, at the very least, I will do a post like this one and give you links to the good stuff!

See you at a show,


What is your favorite Gene Winfield build? Comment below!

Event Coverage: Winfield Garage Car Show Part 3

And yes that is ride height. Not my thing but well built and powered by a slant 6, something about it kept me sneaking a peek at it.

You don’t see many of this model Mercury around
Jeff’s Stude again
Larry James’ beautiful Caddy

That’s it for the 2013 Winfield Garage Car Show from my point of view. You need to attend next year, its’ a great little show with a whole bunch of great people at it, only $15 to enter your car and I had a fantastic time.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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Event Coverage: Winfield Garage Car Show Part 2

More shots from the Winfield Garage Car Show in Winfield, KS

I shot this entire show so that I could do HDR and play with other aspects of the image, it takes a lot longer to prepare the photos but you’ll see in this post how much more flexibility it gives me when editing.

Here’s an example of a normal shot from a car show.

Here’s with a slight bit of manipulation
HDR shots
Steve’s Tiki Taxi
Kevin’s 64 Galaxie
Jeff Myers’ Kustom Stude Pickup
Voodoo Jim’s Corn Cobb Coupe
Mickey’s 60 Chevy
Butch’s 56 Gasser

Jack’s 51 Ford
Should I shoot this truck for a feature?
Part 3 tomorrow! What photo was your favorite? Comment below!
See you at a show,

Event Coverage: Winfield Garage Car Show Part 1

For the 2nd time I was able to attend the Winfield Garage Car Show in Winfield, KS, this being the first time with my car.

The morning started early rolling out of my home town before 7am.

I didn’t have time to snap any photos of the crew that I rolled into the show with, but there were some beauties in our row of hot rods & kustoms as we headed towards the show.

Original Image

HDR version with lens correction
It’s for sale…

That’s it for the first post, more to come tomorrow,
See you at a show,