Event Coverage: 2013 Ol Geezers Car Show Part 1

A few months ago I received an invitation in the mail to a show with a funny name, the Ol Geezers Car Show in Lamar, MO. I hadn’t heard of the show before, hell I hadn’t heard of Lamar, MO before and the show was on the same date as the 2nd Iron Invasion and I already had a room booked for that show so I set the post card aside and made a note to promote the show but I was going to Iron Invasion.

Then came the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular weekend. talking to some friends that said they were going to the show with the funny name in the town I’d never heard of got me to thinking. 1st I am good friends with John Wells promoter of Iron Invasion, and I said I would be there… but so would a handful of other photographers. A couple of which would be trying to sell photos to the same magazines as I would be. 2nd, Iron Invasion is a good 11 hour drive from my home, Lamar is 4.5. Iron Invasion was a good time last year, but this was a new show to me, and some very respected kustom guys were going to Lamar. I made a gut call and changed my plans.

I’m glad I did. Now, I do wish I could have been at Iron Invasion, I HATE that I missed it, but I got to spend some invaluable time with a couple of folks this weekend that really was amazing. Sitting and talking kustoms, car shows, shenanigans and more I realized that these little moments in the host hotel parking lots are the ones that mean something. I made new friends this weekend with people that have combined 100+ years of kustom car building and driving. These are good folks to have amongst your friends, they’ve made the mistakes you’re about to make and may help  you survive when you make the same mistakes that they have.

Enough of the touchy feely stuff, here’s some photos!

 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

There were so many kool rides at the Ol Geezer show that Wyatt Earp came back to his one time home of Lamar, MO to see them.

Yet another shot of my car.

My buddy Don TooTall Wallin made the 11 1/2 hour trip down to Lamar to hang out with some kustom folks. Don’s car has been shot for a magazine feature by our mutual friend and occasional guest blogger here Dan Podobinski of Dan’s Hot Rod Photo. This car burned to the ground on the side of a road 6 years ago, it’s been a long journey back to life but I think you’ll agree it was a success.


The show had a nice selection of kustoms, cruisers, hot rods, a couple of muscle cars, trucks and handful of classic rides.


That’s it for part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

See you at a show,



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