2014 Mid Decembrrrr Run

The 5th Annual Mid Decembrrrr Run is in the history books! At it’s peak we had 22 people on the run, but due to busy schedules people had to come and go during the day. We ate lunch with 21 people if I counted correctly and had 15 or so vehicles on the run as we showed up at Johnny Torres Upholstery in Hutchinson, KS.

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We gathered in my home town of Gypsum, KS on our 1 paved street. The early birds met up at my uncle Poverty Flats’ house for coffee and donuts. Since he had a prior engagement for later in the day and couldn’t go with us he invited folks over to his place to start the day.

Dan and Sharyl Stears show up every year from the KC area (3 hours away) to go on the run with us. The ol “Turd” is always a welcome sight on the run because we know it brings our good friends to hang out with us.


Ron’s beautiful Chevy Truck (seen here sporting a wreath with functional lights) is a local ride that he loves to drive. Since we crossed paths we’ve been hanging out and it’s always a good time.
My uncle Tom and aunt Judy picked up this soft top a couple of years ago and it’s made the run since. This is as much a family event as it is a rod/kustom family event.
Uncle Paul (Poverty Flats) and aunt Sandy’s yard Christmas decorations. Sad that they coudn’t join us on the run this year but grateful for them opening up their home for coffee and donuts before the run!
Love that back bumper! And the fact that Chris drove about 5 hours roundtrip NOT including the run to come along with us.
He’s never missed a Mid Decembrrrr Run and that means a lot to me! In 2010 I had to work before the run started and when I stopped at the house Neal was parked out front waiting for me. His rare Canopy Express is a road warrior and he drives the wheels off of it.
Dad’s ol farm truck. 292 inline 6 power and the right gear make this truck a torquey monster even if the top speed is about 50mph.
My dad (left) and uncle Paul (Poverty Flats) in the morning coffee and donuts story telling session. Paul is looking at a photo he just took.
My nephew Stratton (pictured here) and his older brother Gannon have only missed the first Mid Decembrrrr Run. I love taking my lil buddies with me on these runs, hopefully helping fan the flames of hot rods and kustoms in their blood.
My mom (left) and aunt Sandy at the coffee and donuts. Thanks to Sandy for letting us come have coffee with her and Paul and thanks to my mom for cooking up some great food for the end of the run!
A couple of my cousin’s kids (well half of Burke’s face) who rode along with their grand parents (Tom & Judy) on the run.
Ron enjoying some pre-run food.
Nephew Gannon and my Dad hanging out (and as always goofing off).
Nephew Gannon and my Dad hanging out (and as always goofing off).
The famous Lucy of Poverty Flats getting some love from Dan.
The famous Lucy of Poverty Flats getting some love from Dan.

Neal wondering what exactly was in these donuts…
Mickey (Stray Kat Kustoms) drove all the way up from Dewey, OK (home of the Stray Kat 500) to run with us all day. I’m honored that my friends are willing to spend a weekend on the road just to hang out on my run. I’m blessed to be surrounded by some great people.
Gannon being goofy
Since I added seatbelts to the Galaxie the boys have ridden with me on the run. Gannon was checking to see if everyone was still behind us.
The first stop was Johnny Torres Upholstery in Hutchinson, KS for a shop visit. Here are some of the rides parked out front.
Steve Albers got this 40 Ford in 1969ish and has put over 300,000 miles on the odometer since. He and his wife Carol are part of the reason that I kept doing this when I was wanting to quit in 2010. I’m forever grateful for their support and friendship.
Just one of the cool vehicles hanging out at Johnny’s shop.
This sweet lil rod as just been dropped off at Johnny’s shop for some work.
Originally this Chevy belonged to my late friend Daddy-O in Texas, it’s now in Johnny’s care. Justin Fields is smoothing out the chop before Johnny does the upholstery and gets it back on the road.
Dennis McPhail has his Pontiac at Johnny’s to get the upholstery fixed up. Love the sleek lines of this ride.
Johnny’s Plymouth has been around and it’s pretty badass.
At the nearby Fields’ shop we got to see Roy & Justin’s Bonneville car. 220 mph in forward, 217 in reverse as Roy says with a smile.
Their dad “Bondo” is KKOA member #6 and has the license plate to prove it.

The boys loved the Bonneville car!

Another Fields brother go-fast project is this sleek front engine dragster that Justin’s been building a body for.

What a great crew to roll with!

That’s where I put the camera away. Between lunch and the Cosmosphere tour I decided I’d better help rangle the rugrats and leave the camera in it’s bag.
After the Cosmosphere tour we drove back to Salina and the Paramount Bar where we had chili and cake and some good times talking and hanging out.
Thanks to everyone involved in making the day a whole lotta fun!

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