3 Events, 2 States, 1 Day, I Must Be Crazy

This weekend should be fun one. There are 3 events going on this weekend that I felt I must be at. I’m taking vacation from the day job on Friday afternoon so that I can head out on trek to cover 3 events in 2 different states in 24 hours, oh and then there’s the bit of the extra state of Oklahoma that I have to drive through to get to the 3rd event. I must be crazy.

The plan is to load up all of my gear in the daily driver and head first to Park City, KS for the Park City Chill. You can find out more info on the show in my 1 Month Warning post on the show here. Usually the show takes a few hours to cover but then again I’m usually there on a Saturday, I’m hoping that the Friday afternoon timing will mean less spectators. At this point I know quite a few people at almost any show that I go to so I do get a bit slowed down talking to all of my friends. Not a bad thing except when time is tight. Maybe since it’s Friday more folks will be at work :).

After that I’ll head downtown into Wichita towards the Go Away Garage for the Artist At Large & Friends Art Show at 5pm. Amazing artists from around the country have turned in work to be on display for the show and locals that are attending have been encouraged to drive their cool rides to the event. Since I really don’t want to show specific pieces of art here, I will probably only take a couple of establishing photos inside of the crowd and general display. Outside I’ll do what I can to show you what shows up, but the weather is looking iffy so we’ll see what shows.

Once I’ve had my fun at the Go Away Garage, it’s back in the daily driver and southbound again. I’ll trek off into the night headed into Oklahoma, somewhere I will get tired and grab a hotel. Fully rested and ready to go again on Saturday I’ll finish the trip to the Northstar Dragway in Denton, TX. If you’ve driven south down I-35 into TX and seen a big salvage yard on the west side of the road, you just missed Northstar Dragway, it’s just between CTC Auto Ranch and the railroad tracks. The event is the Texas Thaw put on by the Dallas Chapter of the Torques Car Club. The Texas Thaw is a vintage drag race and car show event put on to raise money to send care packages to our men and women in the armed services over seas. A great event for a great cause. For more into on the show go to the official site here and be sure to check out my coverage of last year’s event here.

Earlier this year Big Ken of the Torques asked me if I was interested in doing one more special edition of my Calendar For Charity project featuring photos of the 2013 Texas Thaw. The Calendars are as of now in my possession from the printer and will be in the official booth of the show on Saturday for sale! If you are attending the show, there are only 75 copies in existence so if you want one, get over to the booth to get one as soon as you get to the show.

Finally after all of that is said and done, it’s a 6 hour jaunt back north to get home. Last year I got home around 10pm and joined some birthday celebrations for a friend at the bar. I think I’ll be headed straight to bed this time. Sunday I’ll get the photos all up on the site and set up to show off for the following 2 weeks. My day job is temporarily changing my job title and I will be largely unavailable for a couple of weeks. I hope to get the Hot Rod Stencil shirts in for shipping in the next week or so, as soon as I can I will have them in the mail for all of you that pre-ordered.

See you at a show,



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