Jonnie King Interviews Bo Huff on the Dixie DeLuxe

Welcome, again, to all our friends joining us at Travis’ GREAT Site !We’re going to have some real fun with this classic story from Bo Huff right now…check-out the Info below:


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Jonnie King With Gene Winfield About His New Book

“Hi to everyone checking-in to the Royboy Productions Site !

Hope you got to meet-up with Travis if you were with us at the KKOA Leadsled in Salina !  He’s always got cool stuff for sale…ya need some of it for your collection !

GENE WINFIELD HAS BEEN ONE OF the most prolific Rod & Custom Builders in the Industry for almost 70 years !

BUT, what many aren’t aware of, is the fact that for many years Gene also created some of the most amazing “fantasy” cars & vehicles for TV Shows, Movies, Commercials, and, Special Projects !

Our early-Sunday Morning Interview at the 34th Annual KKOA Leadsled in Salina, Kansas, focused on this GREAT new book of Gene’s entitled “Gene Winfield’s TV & Movie Cars, Commercials and Special Projects”.

I wanted to know how it all started, so you’ll hear Gene tell the stories of his “Blade Runner” cars, the “Cut-In-Half ’67 Chevrolet, “Bewitched” TV’s “The Super Car”…and find out how you can get your copy of this SUPERB new book !

Simply Click-On-Here to listen & enjoy this Master Craftsman’s history of his multi-dimensional career. “

Jonnie King with Candy Clark of American Graffiti

“No matter when you read this, my pal, Travis, and myself are getting ready to head for the 34th Annual KKOA Leadsled in Salina, Kansas for 2014…AND, so is CANDY CLARK !

AmericanGraffitiOST[1] CANDY CLARK_AMERICAN GRAFFITICANDY CLARK IS A SUPERB ACTRESS who played the role of “Debbie Dunham” in “AMERICAN GRAFFITI” so perfectly that she was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress for her performance !


I got to spend some quality-time with Candy at Darryl Starbird’s 50th Annual Tulsa Rod & Custom Show in February, 2014, and during that time we put together a great Interview concerning her career, her growing up in Fort Worth,Texas, and, of course, American Graffiti !

This is the first story that came out of our long session, and it’s Candy’s personal story about that truly iconic film that has become a “Time Capsule” of the 60’s here in the U.S.A. : AMERICAN GRAFFITI !

In this story you’ll not only hear behind-the-scenes stories, but, also inside info that you probably never knew before, as only Candy Clark can tell it !  Ready to listen ?  Okay, just Click-On-Right-Here , and you’re on your way to ’62 !!

PS: See Candy, Bo Hopkins, and, Cindy Williams, at the 34th Annual KKOA Leadsled in Salina this year !
Travis & I’ll see you there too !!

Ride on; Stay safe…


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Jonnie King Interviews Keith Dean For The Legends Hall Of Fame Series

“Hi to all joining us at Travis’s great site ! Hope your Cruisin’ is going well this year…still lots to do !

This is a truly GREAT Interview you’ll love from Keith Dean…his info & story from his earliest days, plus working with his Dad: Dick Dean.

Car Kulture DeLuxe_47_August 2011HE GREW UP WORKING BESIDE HIS DAD, DICK DEAN, but KEITH “KID” DEAN has come into his own, is a Hall Of Famer, and has created some of the most beautiful customs you’ve ever seen in the last few years.








In this late-night Interview that Keith & I did at the KKOA 31st Annual Lead Sled in Salina, he talked about his early years, his Dad, and, some of his favorite cars.

Keith Dean is an amazing crafstman, was Inducted into the KKOA Hall Of Fame, in 2013, tells cool stories, and so this is one Interview ya gotta hear !   SO, simply Click-On Right Here , listen, and, enjoy !

My best to all, and thanks for joining us !



Jonnie King interviews Frank Livingston on his 49 Chevy!

“Hi everybody !   Hope everyone reading this is “storm free” and able to be Crusin’ once again !

The work that my friend Travis does on this Site is awesome…hope you come back often to check-it out

Here’s an important story that I want to share with you right now…

LONG-TIME HALL OF FAME MEMBER, Frank Livingston, wow’d the crowd’s over a decade ago when he unveiled his Pagan Gold, Oz Welch-built ’49 Chevy Fastback !

It was very similar to his 1955-built ’49 Fastback…but it was not quite a “clone” for a number of reasons that he explains, and you may have seen the car in-person at the GNRS, or, at Santa Maria.

Frank’s an old friend, and the story about how the idea for this build was put together is just super-cool….and what he say’s about the paint work alone is something you won’t want to miss !   Simply Click-On-Right-Here to Listen !!

Thanks again, for visiting here with Travis…and come back often !


Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes Episode 4 : All Hail The King

This week’s guest is legendary radio personality Jonnie King.

Listen here!

(if that player doesn’t work go here, you can also find the show in itunes)

Here are the photos of the cookout last weekend that I mentioned in the show open.

This week’s guest is legendary radio personality Jonnie King.


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This weekend’s event is a small town show/drag race, check in on Monday to see the photos.

See you at a show,


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Jonnie King: Chuck Miller’s 2014 Detroit Autorama Preview

After a bit of a break due to some technical issues on his website, it’s back up and Jonnie King is back on Royboy Productions! Glad to have you back Jonnie!!!


Hi everybody !   Hope you’ve been enjoying all of Travis’ cool pix that he’s been posting lately…his work is amazing !

Now, here’s some “instant 2014 Autorama info” for you:


EVERY YEAR AT THE DETROIT AUTORAMA, CHUCK MILLER puts together the CAVALCADE OF CUSTOMS Display, as well as a Special Feature Section which contains  TEN models of a certain type or style.   And, every year he sits down with me to give me the scoop on the coming year’s exhibit’s.




JK_Dodge_D-500_Left Side View_New Pic

ACCORDINGLY, in a special late-nite session at Darryl Starbird’s 50th Anniversary Tulsa Rod & Custom Show, Chuck gave me the inside info on the 2014 Autorama at Cobo: FINTASTIC FINS…those cool 50’s & 60’s cars that could almost fly with those fendered-fins…like my personal Dodge D-500 shown here !!


THIS IS ONE YOU DON’T  WANNA MISS !  Just Click-On-Right-Here …listen, have fun, and send this Link to a friend so they won’t miss it !




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Jonnie King: Wolfman Jack on New Year’s Eve

WHILE I WAS On-The-Air on JUKE BOX 96 Radio in St. Louis on New Year’s Eve, 1993, I received a surprise phone call from my old friend the Legendary WOLFMAN JACK !

I had no idea that The Wolfman was going to do this…it took me completely by surprise.  I can’t really tell you how grateful I was for his kind gesture, and if I sound excited on this recording it’s because I truly was !

This piece of Audio History had been locked-up in my Audio Archives for all these years, but I wanted to share it with all of you so that you could once again hear his voice, and so that I could fittingly pay Tribute to this wonderful, truly professional, R&R Radio Icon:  My Friend, WOLFMAN JACK.

ALSO, I’ve added some of my personal thoughts & remembrances of this Radio Legend & Hall Of Famer on this same Page.  PLUS, if you listen closely, you can “CLAP FOR THE WOLFMAN” with the Guess Who !!

Ready ?  Okay then,  just Click-On This Link  and re-live a part Rock & Roll Radio History on “New Year’s Eve, 1993, With Wolfman Jack”…20 YEARS AGO !    JK

Week in Review: Week of 12-9-2013



Royboy Photo On The New Classic Trucks Magazine!



Royboy Review: Gears And Gals Magazine



1 Month Warning: Retro Rewind in Dubuque, IA



New Royboy Book: 2013 Squared




Jonnie King Interviews Geno and Alan from Koolhouse Publishing

See you at a show,



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Jonnie King : Gene Winfield on Sectioning a Car

“Hi to all !   Hope you’re in the mood for the Holiday Season, and thanks for joining us here at my friend Travis’ Site !

What you’ll hear right now is one of the most informative pieces on Sectioning that you’ll ever find !

THE LEGENDARY GENE WINFIELD , has chopped many tops through the years, but the first car he ever sectioned was a ’56 Merc !

That iconic custom was christened the “Jade Idol”, and I wanted Gene to give me the lowdown on sectioning that car…and the full-story of what has to be done during that

This is a cool Interview, and you won’t want to miss Gene’s stories…not only about the Jade Idol, but about his own chopped & sectioned ’58 Impala !  To listen, Just-Click-On-Here !

Thanks again for joining us here…and be sure to check-out some of the GREAT Merch available: for you…or one of your friends !



Jonnie King interviews Fritz Schenck on the Roswell Rod

“Welcome back !  This week I’ve gotten into the Hall Of Fame Legends Archives to pull out a story you’ve probably missed:  It’s Fritz Schenck with his tale of a very cool, custom-built, show car…”The Roswell Rod” !

fritz crown logoroswell rod collageFRITZ SCHENCK (Spritz By Fritz), is in the vanguard of the new breed of builders/customizers. You’ve probably seen  THE ROSWELL ROD, and some of his other cars, clones, restorations, bikes, or, paint jobs, featured in Rod & Custom, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, etc.

 2011 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Saturday
2011 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Saturday

Well, a few years ago, Fritz and I sat down, relaxed, and talked about his cars, then-current & future, plus his views on “creating art” through Rolling Sculpture.

Fritz is a cool guy with lots of talent.  To “hear all about it” just CLICK-ON-HERE , listen, and…Enjoy !

BTW: Have a GREAT weekend, and Cruise Travis’ super-cool Site while you’re here…check-out the available Merch, there’s bound to be something you need !   Or, hey, pick-up something to give to one of your buddies !!

See you next week !


Jonnie King with Bo Huff on “The Hustler”


Hi !  Glad you stopped by Travis’ Site !   Don’t forget he’s got some neat Merch that you can pick-up…and some of it might just make a good gift for a “fellow gearhead” like yourself !

This week we’ll check-out BO HUFF’s Tastee-Freeze-Kool ’56 Chevy 210:  “The Hustler” !   This is one sweet ride, and an homage to an old friend of Bo’s.

In this very introspective Interview.  Bo shares his thoughts on lowering your car, and takes a look at how he’s paid his dues through the year’s…and has become one of the most respected builder’s to ever light up a torch.

BO HUFF IS A “LIFER”:  a man who knew what he wanted to do, figured out how to do it right,  and , now is recognized World Wide for his contributions to the R&C Industry.

To hear his story about the beautiful ’56 Tri-Five that he’s put together, SIMPLY CLICK-ON-HERE and your on your way !


And, a big “Thank You” to all who take the time to visit here at Travis’ super-cool Site !   See you next week !!


Jonnie King interviews John D’Agostino

A special “HI” to everyone here checkin’ out Travis’ cool Website !  Take your time, enjoy the Site, and also, take a few minutes to listen to this special one-on-one Interview I did with my old friend JOHN D’AGOSTINO…you will enjoy this for sure:

JOHN D’AGOSTINO TRAVELS THE WORLD spreading the word of kustoms…with a “K” !  But, I wanted to know how that all began for John, and in this late-night Interview at the 33rd Annual KKOA Lead Sled Spectacular in Salina, he didn’t disappoint me!


PLUS, 2013 was a banner year for John as BOTH his debut cars “Sophia”, his ’40 Cad, and, ’51 Lincoln “Ruby”,  took Major Awards in, what must be, John’s BIGGEST year for wins ever !

LISTEN TO THIS “World Traveler For Kustoms”, JOHN D’AGOSTINO, and find out how it all this traveling started, AND, his reaction to how these spectacular kustoms did on the show circuit in 2013 !!


Jonnie King and Darryl Starbird on “The Shark”

“HI !  I’m Jonnie King and I want to take this opportunity to thank my friend, Travis, for inviting me to share some of these great Interviews I’ve put together from these true Legends of the R&C Industry through the years.

Travis is a FANTASTIC photographer, and he and I eMailed each other, starting a few years back, while we were visiting on another R&C Site.  Then, when we were at the 2011 KKOA Lead Sled Spectacular in Salina, Kansas, we ran into each other as we were admiring Yaril Quintana’s “Custom For Korea” Clone.

I was explaining to this nice young guy, standing by the car with a camera, that I had loved the Original Version of this “shoebox” since I was a kid…and still had my original Car Craft copy with it as a Cover Car back in 1953…

Car Craft Mag_Sept 1954_Gaylord Custom

Finally, when the ‘nice young guy with a camera’ and myself got around to introducing ourselves, I found out he was “Travis From Kansas”…the same guy I’d been exchanging eMail with for over a year !

SO, that’s how this friendship started, and when Travis asked me about sharing my Interviews with all of you on his truly superb Website…well, it was a ‘no brainer’ !

What follows next is my latest story and Interview with the iconic DARRYL STARBIRD:

DARRYL STARBIRD’S NEWEST SUPER-CREATION is a Concept Version of what could have come out of Detroit !   A truly mind-blowing 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham called “THE SHARK” !


In this one-on-one Interview, Darryl told me the story of he created it, how it can be used in 3 different versions, and, a humorous tale about what some early viewers said about it.

This is one story, from the true “King Of The Bubble Tops” that you must hear !    PLUS, you’ll see some rare  photos that Darryl let me take during the early build of this fascinating, rare, Eldorado Brougham !   To Listen, Simply CLICK-ON-THIS-LINK: