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A couple of weeks ago when my weekend plans were changed due to a show being cancelled due to an impending ice storm I looked for alternate places to cover on the site. One of my favorites is my good buddy Jeff Myers’ Premier Body and Paint in Arkansas City, KS, so I decided to head down to AC and see what Jeff was up to. A couple of months ago Jeff bought out a former partner in the business and has been making some changes since then. Things are starting to look different around the shop and I see a new gleam in Jeff’s eye that’s telling me he’s got a renewed energy. I’m looking forward to seeing what Premier turns out in 2014. For those that don’t know Jeff took my car from stock to wild paint last winter, read more about that here, and it may be going back for a couple more kustom touches this winter if the timing works out:).

 1957 Ford under construction. The car was Jeff
1957 Ford under construction. The car was Jeff’s Dad’s back in the old days and now Jeff and his son are working on it for a customer.
This beauty is owned by a fellow Beatnik and is at Premier for a chop. Jeff says it\’s one of the nicest cars that he\’s had in for a chop yet.
Formerly this 1960 Ford Fairlane was owned by McPhail. Shortly after going to it\’s new home in NJ the car was sideswiped by a city bus. After being stored at Premier for awhile the body work has now been redone and the car is ready for the kustom fadeaway paint job.


Voodoo Jim\’s Corn Cobb Coupe is in for a freshened Nailhead. While the engine is out it\’s time to dress up the frame and firewall a bit.
This fastback Mustang is in the shop for a bit of frame straightening and is waiting it\’s turn on the rack.
The back shop at Premier is going to be transformed from storage to the Kustom Shop. The front shop will continue to be the collision shop and pay the bills allowing Jeff to do the kustom work back here. Pictured are a couple of cars that are in for some kustom touches.


Jeff’s own 63 Ford Kustom hanging out in the back shop. I’m partial to 63 Galaxie’s and this one is one of my favorites.

See you at a show,

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